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When is an AMBULANCE, not an AMBULANCE?


Our used vehicles, primarily ambulances, are often re-purposed and used very practically for other uses….

 If you are a professional in the skilled trades, or work in public safety, or even whatever your uses may be, consider a box type vehicle on a robust chassis. Check out our used vehicles for cost efficient ownership of a versatile vehicle.

 Customers have used this type of vehicle as a convenient conveyance vehicle for…..

 Electricians,Plumbers,Carpenters,Surveyors,Public Works water & sewer,EMA,Haz-Mat,Crime Scene mobile lab,Fire Department fleet vehicle maintenance mechanic,Funeral Directors,Cargo/Freight delivery


CONTACT US…..If you have other ideas for uses of our used ambulances, please let us know so we can add your suggestion to our every growing list.    Thank you.

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