Our Story

Where It All Began

Emergency Mobile Tech Inc. was started in January 2009. In October 2011, Jim Hoffman purchased the company and moved it to a larger facility in Decatur Indiana.
Jim has 47 years of experience in emergency vehicle engineering, design, manufacturing, and repair of ambulance, fire and rescue vehicle. Jim was also an EMT and Fireman.
Combined with the other quality employees, we have well over 125 years of experience in emergency vehicle remounting, repair, and manufacturing.
We are an authorized dealer for Excellance Ambulance, National Wheel Chair Vans, and Quiroga Fire.
We take pride in being a company who does not want to be the biggest. We strive to be the Best.
Our Customers can call any time and talk to the person they want. That personal touch is what helped us to grow.

“We Strive to be the best”
Jim Hoffman


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Emergency Mobile Tech

109 S. 1st Street

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