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Midline Remount


1.Inspect module for corrosion, damage

2.Inspect all door latches, handles, locks for proper operations

3.Inspect all exterior lighting for proper operation

4.Inspect all exterior lighting for cracked lenses or damage

5.Inspect rear bumper for damage

6.Inspect fenderettes, rub rails for damage

7.Inspect stone guards and kick plate for damage

8.Test shore line for proper function

9.Inspect all exterior compartments for damage

10.Inspect all door weather seals

11.Inspect all exterior compartment lights & door ajar circuits and switches

12.Inspect all drip rails

13.Inspect all module windows




1.Inspect all interior lighting

2.Inspect module switch panel for proper function

3.Inspect 120V circuit for proper function per AMD Standard 009

4.Inspect medical 12 VDC outlets for functions

5.Inspect and test O2 system per AMD Standard 015

6.Inspect and test suction unit

7.Inspect vinyl flooring

8.Inspect all upholstery and padding

9.Inspect all plexi-glass sliding doors

10.Inspect all cabinet latches, locks, shocks, and hinges

11.Inspect interior laminates & head liner

12.Inspect front console switches and gauges for function

13.Inspect heater and air conditioner for proper function

** Notify customer of all defects found not covered in contents with quote for repairs.




1.Evacuate and save freon from module and chassis

2.Drain and save antifreeze from module and chassis

3.Remove wiring from electrical control panel to old chassis

4.Remove front console and wiring for reinstallation

5.Remove module from chassis

6.Thoroughly inspect the under module structure and mounting points for  

      corrosion, broken welds, and damage

7.Repair as needed

8.Prep new chassis to accept module

9.Install new mounting pucks or isolation pads

10.Install new cab to box seal and bolts

11.Install new EPDM Nomex heater hoses

12.Install new fuel fill hoses

13.Install new electrical harness in new chassis

14.Install new Whelen 500 series LED grille lights with chrome flange

15.Install new Whelen 700 series LED intersection lights with chrome flange

16.Install new cast products 100 watt siren speakers in the front bumper

17.Install new 1/O battery cables

18.Install 3 1/O braided ground straps

19.Evacuate and charge AC unit

20. Fill with new antifreeze

21.Hook up all electrical wiring

22. Single 8-10” Belt line on cab painted to match module

23. Star of Life decals   2=4” star   1 reverse ambulance

24. Install new diamond plate rear step bumper with flip up center section

25. Undercoat module

26. Remove all lighting from module box

27. Clean & wash module box, touch up small paint chips, buff & polish entire

       module box

28. Clean and polish existing lights and housings

29. Polish fenderettes

30. Install new Lonseal flooring – reuse Cot hardware

31. Install new diamond plate stone guards on the front and rear of module

32. Install new diamond plate rear kick plate

33. Install new diamond plate rub rails

34. Install new heavy duty diamond plate running boards

35. New hour meter

36. New Carson siren

37. New Phoenix SS wheel simulators with valve extensions

38. Clean and polish all compartments and entry door panels

39. Test all electrical systems for proper function

40. Road test for minimum of 50 miles

41. Weigh vehicle and certify for AMD / KKA-1822-F

42. Test heat/AC

43. Test electrical system per AMD 005

**Chassis quoted separately


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